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We are just getting started!
In 2015 we collaborated on 15 paintings. This coming year (2016) promises to be exciting as we have two youth art retreats planned where we will explore printmaking. We are also part of #CallResponse as a collaborating team in that larger exhibit focusing on reconciliation. We are also planning on a collaborative exchanges with various artists to share on techniques and traditional arts skills.
Description of The Governance Meeting: “All of Creation follows the Great Laws of the land, often taught to us by the great animal nations. We need this medicine to come back.”


Acrylic on Canvas, 48″ x 72″
By Christi Belcourt & Isaac Murdoch

“The strawberry has always been a symbol of life and happiness for the Ojibway. For many, its called the ‘Heart Berry’ and is a huge part in the Anishinabek Burial Rites. They say that the Milky Way is a path that leads to a New Beginning after we pass away. On this path, it is said a huge Strawberry will be seen on the second day of this journey. This is where we will see fully that Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth are all interconnected and all the same. Time doesn’t exist there… Only life. By praying to the Strawberry we send our petitions into all living things that surround us.”

Commissioned by the Wabano Center for Aboriginal Health (Ottawa)



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