Who We Are

Onaman Collective is formed by artists Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdoch. We are Indigenous artists and environmentalists who love the land and believe in the spirits of the land. We believe in the resilience and beauty of our people. We believe in our Elders and our young people. With everything we do, the underlying theme is always respect for the land and reclamation of the ways of our ancestors.

isaac-murdoch_lowresIsaac Murdoch

Isaac Murdoch, whose Ojibway name is Manzinapkinegego’anaabe / Bombgiizhik is from the fish clan and is from Serpent River First Nation. Isaac grew up in the traditional setting of hunting, fishing and trapping. Many of these years were spent learning from Elders in the northern regions of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Isaac is well respected as a storyteller and traditional knowledge holder. For many years he has led various workshops and cultural camps that focuses on the transfer of knowledge to youth. Other areas of expertise include: traditional ojibway paint, imagery/symbolism, harvesting, medicine walks, & ceremonial knowledge, cultural camps, Anishinaabeg oral history, birch bark canoe making, birch bark scrolls, Youth & Elders workshops, etc. He has committed his life to the preservation of Anishinaabe cultural practices and has spent years learning directly from Elders.

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Christi Belcourt is a Metis visual artist, environmentalist, and social justice advocate. She is most well known for her large painted floral landscapes of Metis beadwork. Her paintings are found within many public and permanent collections across North America. Christi has also organized several national community-based projects of note including Walking With Our Sisters, the Willisville Mountain Project, and the Onaman Collective. She devotes much of her time to supporting Indigenous language revitalization.