Everything weIMG_1612(1) do is rooted and grounded in ceremony and respect for the land, the animals and the traditions of our ancestors.

Indigenous Language Immersion: We began last year with Anishinaabemowin Wiigwaam, an Ojibway immersion house we put on every six months on the North Shore of Lake Huron. We are now expanding that in 2016/17 to include a Michif Language House in Lac Ste. Anne and Batoche, and a Cree Language House in Edmonton. Our language houses are completely grassroots – run by the people for the people.

Onaman Collective Land Fund: We are currently fundraising to aquire land to set up a permanent cultural centre that will put into practice Indigenous ways of living, being and knowing. There we will continue our language immersion, practice traditional ways of living on the land, and create an arts hub for young people to come and express themselves through both contemporary and traditional arts. We are looking for donations. Contact:

Canoe Building & Cultural Camps: include activities such as tanning hides, building canoes, storytelling, medicine walks, painting & beadwork.

School Mural Projects: Twice a year we go into schools to work with students and create murals.

Collaborative Art Creation & Art Retreats for Youth: in 2016 we will be hosting two art retreats for youth that focus on creating art to retain traditional knowledge of Elders. The artwork we create collaboratively as the collective is on-going.

Gatherings: we’ve hosted, co-hosted or been invited to include storytelling and talks on sacred sites, rock paintings, history of woodland art, and AadizookaanposterSOCIALMEDIAenvironmental concerns on the North Shore of Lake Huron and youth activism within contemporary art practices. Many of our gatherings are grounded in ceremony and are focused on revitalization of Indigenous traditional governance as it related to the laws that come from the land.

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